Your business may not require a full-time Human Resources Specialist, but on occasions or when first starting up, a business may need help and advice on HR issues.

SNC Recruitment can provide you with the expertise you require to resolve your personnel and small business matters, leaving everyone time to concentrate on what’s important – supporting your customers and growing your business.

We have Human Resources Specialists that focus on developing small- to medium-sized companies by implementing best practices and procedures, helping to define roles, reducing employee turnover and staffing the right people for the job.

The Service

General HR Help and Support
  • Facilitate Employee meetings (introducing change in a positive manner, motivating staff, increasing productivity, correcting negative behavior)
  • Strategic Development
  • Assessing Staffing needs
  • Producing contracts of employment and designing employee handbooks
  • Update policies and procedures
  • Recruitment
  • Guidance on Maternity/Paternity/Parental leave and documentation
  • Handling of dismissals – redundancies
  • Exit interviews
  • Employee Surveys
  • Custom Internal Documents

HR Support
  • Handling poor performance
  • Advise on Employment Legislation

Recruitment & Selection
  • Please see Recruitment page for further details

Business Re-structuring
  • Downsizing and redundancy
  • Strategy

Training and Development
  • Appraisal systems
  • Training programmes


Please contact us for rates based on the specific needs of your business. Contact Stacie Dunlop, Principle Consultant direct to schedule a FREE consultation at